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Friday, April 8, 2011 | |

 Yow! Wassap orang kampong…
Been freakingly busy dealing with assignments and other student chores lately... Thank God I’ve managed to submit all the task on the exact deadlines. Phewww!

Owh, million thanks to my two ‘iron’mates for making the assignments submitted on the particular-fix-and-can-not-be-postponed-deadlines possible. For  without them, I don’t know if I still be here doing the same ritual wasting time rolling myself here and there in front of the TV and the PC. Everything was a mess a week back. I’ve raised white flag already for I knew  there’s no way we could finish all the task in just a night. I thought I’d end up entering ‘Tanjung Rambutan’ at the end cause the possibility of checking in that place was like 80 percent… LOL. Thank God I’m still ‘waras’ till now! Thank god! Ngiahahaha...
There’s only a week more. Howh boy, after  years and years struggling completing my degree… now I almost come to the finish line. What a short time.... to experience supercool intriguing stuffs and to meet bunch of nice people.... four years feels strangely like just a blink!

Freshmen days feels sooo  yesterday. And all the incidents are fresh in my mind still. I  remember all the cheers we did on the orientation week during my first year back then... (didn’t mean to brag, but you know what... we’ve won the trophy though! Ngiahahahahaha…..HUNGGGA!).
I can still remember the first time I met  8th rc ‘gerard way’ (ngeee….*wink wink).

I still remember how awful my first microteaching was… hahaha!  (I kept on covering my face with my book during my lesson… so I kinda looked awkward and hilarious in the same time)

I can still remember  the bloody moron librarian yelling with a high key schizophreniac banshee voice  for a simple mistake I did.   
I can still remember  the day I almost got chased out from the exam hall for bringing the false slip to my exam. and the consequence I got from that incident was pretty ‘awesome’ too…yes I got failed! What do you expect? I got papers few hours after so I need to find that slip in no time… hence my focus at that time was a bit distracted! * tak gune punya pengawas exam!!!  kalau jumpa lagi sekali memang gua bagi libasan maut :P

(*errr..... the truth is… I didn’t read and revise much about the subject the night before-> that was the major reason of the downfall precisely…kihkihkih).

aihhh... membebel pulak gua kan. Tak memasal entri jadi berjela-jela. Guess thing's getting a bit overboard now. better chop the crapp off. ok, the thing i really want to say here is :
in this limited time, from the very bottom of my heart i would like to say to all my coursemates..... peeps! Good luck on your internship… thanks and sorry for every single thing (i really mean this)... hope to see you all nice people again!
and to all my lecturers and tutors... zillion of thanks for all the guidance ... God knows how grateful i am for being your student . THANK YOU <3 THANK YOU <3 THANK YOU... thank you with all my heart...
so i guess that's a wrap. till then,


p/s: comic entries are soon to come...


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