The Purpose of Life

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'tanpa sebab jelas tentang kehidupan, hidup umpama tiada warna... dull and meaningless'

Which one is you? *oh my... T_T ... sentap hati mak sekejap.
This nice artwork isnt drawn by me. Found it on some random googling session hence accidently bumped into this eye-opener comic. Simple, yet meaningful. And I love it. It gives so much force to ponder the time I wasted and what have i done the whole life. Cant hardly remember what the URL is, neither the source of it and therefore thousands apology for not compiling a credit. 

To the dearest artworker, whoever and wherever you are.... I owe you!.. Perhaps you could hit me a message and that i can treat you something... a teh tarik tinggggggi punya maybe? anything.... as long as... you're not going to bring this illegal post as an evidence in court.... eh? merapu pulak daaaa.

Well, back to the artwork.
I still remember the lyrics of a song that i used to sing pretty much frequent during my foundation phase before heading off to the main campus.

' ALLAHU ghoyatuna...
ar Rasul qudwatuna..
al mautu fi sabilillah... asma' amanina...'

and the translation is...
' ALLAH is our goal...
The prophet Muhammad (SAW)  is our role model...
and die as a martyr is our highest ambition...'

macam tu la maksudnya.

so, the matter is.... 
why we are here?

ALLAH created the earth over thousands of years before the first mankind even exist.
Sending down the Prophet Adam together with his wife to the earth wasnt a back-up plan... there must be reasons behind. And with the existance of the Prophet Adam and Hawa, came all humankind.

HE didnt create us as the humankind for nothing... HE created us for reasons.

To know ALLAH, and to understand the purpose of life are the only way to unleash all the entanglements concerning this reasons question and stuff. 

yes, the reason of living. To have HIS blessings and to make HIM pleased here and hereafter are the purpose of our existence.

we are the slaves, the khaleefa, and the daie. Let's make meaning to our existence. Let's strive to please HIM. May HE grant us HIS blessings. aaaaamiiiin.

'... we're all originally from heaven ain't we? so we must struggle here to get back to the place where we're actually belong...' - dr R -

Ya Allah, tsabbit qulubana 'ala dinik ;
15 Syawal 1433 H


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