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Sunday, September 2, 2012 | |


A best buddy has just gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl on August 30! waaaaaa... mabruk dear buddy... this is the best news of the year. so happy to hear that i smiled and even shading my tears in the same time after seeing her first pic on FB *oktipu...  :P

so guys, please meet... *drumroll.....

aaaa... gorgeous isnt she? and nice name too though... semoga menjadi muslimah solehah dear... membesar dengan sihat, cergas, penuh comel dan bergaya macam..... aunt iyan... keh3....

sorry Mail and che Nor for attaching her pic here without asking your guys permission first. it's just that... im so freakingly thrilled and happy with the news. minta maaf banyak.... btw guys, alf mabruk on your new arrival... may happiness and HIS blessings be upon you two, eh three (and maybe more and more to come hehe)... till Jannah, insya Allah. aaaaamiiin. 

6(^________^)9 ;
15 Syawal 1433 H


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