Monday, May 20, 2013 | |

The most hectic and chaotic month I had for this year so far.
A month filled with indescribable emotions    (T_T)
A month with full responsibilities   (-_-')y
A month with lots of work to do    (0_o')7
And a month with lots of special day and memories    (^_^)b

I'm tired though. I really am. 
physically. mentally. emotionally.
Need a good sleep  /(-_-)\  zzzz
A nice food  d(^^,)b
And, a sweet escapade \(^_^)/ weeeee
countdown 31st, buckle up... i'm on my way! yihiiiiiii 

Happy holiday in advance everyone :)

Skang tengah tido pun boleh sengih-sengih. 
adakah ini normal? 
10 Rejab 1434H


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