When Heart meets Mind

Sunday, September 15, 2013 | |

Poor lil' thing! lain kali jangan degil ye... dengar cakap otak tu... :P

The Heart becomes corrupt in six ways :

1) Committing sins in the hope of repenting later on in life

2) Seeking knowledge and not applying it

3) Practice without sincerity (ikhlas)

4) Eating the sustenance of ALLAH without thanking HIM

5) Burying the dead without learning from them

6) Not being please with ALLAH decree

- Hassan al-Basri-

P/S : Hepi befday my dear Hazim! Besar dah anak buah aunt Iyan ni... 
Takde kek ye... sebab umur pun baru dua bulan je... ngehehehehe

Sometimes the heart needs more time to accept what mind already knows ;
9 Zulkaedah 1434 H
Home sweet home, feeling blessed :)


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