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- I'm no extraordinary but normal like other homosapiens.
- I laugh a lot, play a lot, sleep a lot, but talk less.
- I'm pretty shy and a bit reserved with certain acquaintances, but I can even crack jokes anywhere anytime regardless the environment.
- People tend to presume me as a 'next-door, innocent and serious' type whereas that's actually the biggest misconception about me ever made.
- I consume green tea on a regular basis-> (like anyone cares...)
- I'm interested in soccer (Liverpool fc and Barca to be more exact), comics, mc flurry, rock musics, and blog-walking.
- I'm attracted to the lefties. Dont know why...

to be frank... I'm a complete loser when it comes to describing myself

'oh Allah, bless us with happy ending. aaamiin...'

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