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This site is fully ran and monitored by the owner herself and all posts are based on the owner’s personal thought. All plots and characters in the comic strips are FICTIONAL and have nothing to do with anyone, either alive still or have passed away. If there's any similarity in terms of those matters, it is merely coinsidence.

The owner of this site does not responsible for any controversial statement made in the comment sections but only responsibles for all entries and comments under her name.

This site contains graphics and most of them are genuinely created by the owner. However, the owner perhaps either has or will compile quotations, lines  and relevant images which are linked from other websites or blogs due to the post needs. For all artworks, graphic forms whatsoever which are used in this site owned by the others, credit will be given to the particular party. 
All rights reserved and fully owned by the owner. Copywriting is permissible but kindly give the owner some credit. Thanks in advance.
The Canvas Of Life  © 2015 is Unleashed by glowy adam.INK

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